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Honestly, Aoba deserves more credit. Do you see all the shit he has to go through in every route? How he still manages to come out strong and still loves the person he ends up with? Or in the bad routes where he suffers with them even though he doesn’t even really deserve to…


my fav magical girl q////q

I AM KUROKO Sweatshirt Preorder Round 3 coming soon so I want to draw lil ads with kuroko wearing the sweatshirt! Sorry I haven’t been updating very much! I will try to fix that! * ^ * /

XJ9LLSKETCHS 2 by ManiacPaint

My name is Niko Neal and this is an attempt to hopefully raise half the funds needed for earlobe repairel surgery. You can read the whole story and check out the page here. But for the sake of tumblr, here’s the long story short. Severe body dysmorphia lead me to the wonderful world of body modifications when I was a teenager. I realized covering my body in the things I loved meant being able to look in the mirror and not hate it. I’ve been living with my ears this way for five years and a mix of mental health and having to move back to California I’m at the point where change is needed. I have a month to get the five hundred dollars needed to book an appointment with a body mod artist flying in from across the country who specializes in this work. I’m saving up as much as I can but I figured I’d try to see if I could get a little help. Right now my only income is through Rad Breath. I can cover tattoos, take out piercings, but my lobes are something I can’t hide and people can’t seem to get over. I need to be able to get a full time job to support myself being back in northern California with it’s higher living expenses and far less accepting society. I mean when I say any donation helps. I have some set auctions that offer thank you notes or customized art in trade. Any and all good vibes are appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to check this out and head on over to the page here. And before the hate mail comes because others are incapable of understanding people like me who draw their personal line of extreme appearance farther than most. I understand the society we live in and the cause and effect our lives can reflect towards it. Between piercings and tattoos, it was never an act of rebellion. In fact, the complete opposite, an act of self love.